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Before anyone gets to the glamorous part of being a stockbroker, everybody had to undergo the struggle of getting licensed. This part is really tricky, mind you, because the procedure is not the same for all of the states. Each state has a unique set of requirements for aspiring stockbrokers, so there’s that. So if you really want to become a stockbroker in the future, you got to focus on one state and abide by the regulations of the state. West Virginia residents, here are the things you need to do in order to become a stockbroker in your local scene:

Take Qualifying Examinations

The Series 7 exam is the most basic test any aspiring stockbroker has to pass. But for a person to be qualified to take this, he/she must be sponsored by a West Virginia-based broker-dealer firm. Said firm could also require additional examinations as prerequisites for employment.

Since there is no college course that directly teaches you how it is to be a stockbroker, your knowledge must be hard earned when you already have your license. Learn from the senior stockbrokers from your firm and train while on the job. You have a lot to learn from somebody who already knows the twists and turns of the industry, so instead of shying away or being intimidated by them, you should totally make friends and learn whatever you can even just by watching them do their jobs!

Just because a college diploma is not required doesn’t mean it is not a good idea to invest in getting one. A good college education would definitely get you places, remember that. If you can, try to get your related degree from any of the following recommended schools in West Virginia:

Recommended Colleges in West Virginia

  • American Public University System – Public universities are your best bets if you need to work on a tight budget. Tuition and other school fees here are minimal, but you can still finish with good courses and career paths such as those in Accounting, Administration, International Business, Real Estate, and Public Administration. You can get your bachelor’s degree or masters here, depending on your highest educational attainment.
  • Marshall University – Marshall University in Huntington also offers certificate, bachelors, and master’s degrees. You can get yours in any of the following offered fields: Administration, International Business, Marketing, etc. Make sure you also avail of any extracurricular and outside-class lectures as long as it will help you master topics like economics and the U.S. market! This will come in handy when you’re already out there as a market expert.

Recap: to become a stockbroker in West Virginia, one must have a local broker-dealer firm sponsor or hire him/her. The licensure examinations need to be passed, of course, before the person could be licensed. Once allowed to solicit clients, the stockbroker must continue learning from senior stockbrokers. This is how one becomes a successful stockbroker in West Virginia. Think it’s for you? Good luck out there!