If you became attracted to the industry of stock brokerage because of the way it is portrayed in Hollywood films, then we suggest you take a step back and reconsider. It takes a lot of hard work to get to the glamorous part, but if you are fully committed to that, then we are here to help! In particular, we are here to help Washington residents that aspire to be stockbrokers. See, each state has a unique set of requirements and qualifications for those who want to become stockbrokers. And for Washington residents, here are the steps:

Take Qualifying Examinations

First, among other things, you have to find a local brokerage firm to sponsor you. Sponsorship is needed to qualify for the licensure examinations for stockbrokers, remember that. To emphasize, you need a broker-dealer firm based in Washington if it is in Washington that you want to get licensed to solicit clients.

The Series 7 exam is necessary to be passed by all aspiring stockbrokers in the U.S. Additionally, your sponsor firm could also require you to take and pass either the Series 63 or the Series 66 exam. After passing these examinations, you would be automatically licensed and you could already start soliciting clients across the Washington state.

Upon getting your license, you must regularly report and consult with your sponsor firm so they could help you with additional requirements regarding your licensure renewal as well as your requirement for continuing education. Again, this may vary depending on the preference and discretion of your sponsor state, so refer to your contract as it is supposed to be enumerated there.

Recommended Colleges in Washington

  • Central Washington University – CWU in Ellensburg is a rather popular university among locals because of its reasonable tuition rates. Here, you can get degrees in Accounting, Administration, Marketing, among others. There are also a lot of opportunities for you to meet a lot of prospective clients here since the Central Washington University has a rich culture involving organizations and fraternities/sororities.
  • The City University of Seattle – If you are into online classes and virtual learning, then you might want to consider enrolling in the City University of Seattle since they offer those. You can get your degree in Administration, Marketing, and Accounting, all of which would provide you with comprehensive knowledge regarding the nooks and corners of the U.S. economy as it works and moves across time – something a market expert should master!

Again, to summarize: to become a stockbroker in Washington, you have to find a local sponsor firm. Then, you must pass all the required licensure examinations. Refer to the requirements of your firm to know whether you should take the Series 63 or the Series 66 alongside the Series 7 exams. Once licensed, seek the help of your firm in determining the requirements for licensure renewal. Good luck!