If you want to be a stockbroker, then you must be prepared for a whole lot of expectations for you. Stockbrokers are also called the economy and market experts since they must make sound investment advice in accordance to how the market moves. If you are ready for a lifetime of that, then you should start knowing what it is that you need to accomplish to become a licensed stockbroker. For residents of Texas, the Texas State Securities Board has already set out the following checklist on how to become a stockbroker in Texas:

Take Qualifying Examinations

Technically, a college diploma is not a strict requirement, but the industry has become so competitive that hardly any broker-dealer firms hire entry-level brokers that have no college diploma to boast for. We have two recommended universities in the Texas state. You should consider getting your college degree from either:

Once you have graduated, then you could easily find a local broker-dealer firm to hire and sponsor you. You need their sponsorship to be able to take the qualifying exam for stockbrokers, which is the Series 7 exam. The firm may also require you to pass either the Series 63 or the Series 66 exam before they hire you. Make sure you abide by these.

Once you pass the examinations mentioned above, you could already get your license and start soliciting clients. But there is still much to know regarding strategies and game plays that could come in handy for your career. Seek mentorship from senior stockbrokers in your firm!

Once you have settled in on your host firm, they would have everything you need including information on how you could renew your license. Report and consult with them regularly.

Recommended Colleges in Texas

  • Angelo State University – ASU, primarily, offers a good variety of degree programs that you might be interested in as an aspiring stockbroker. Some of these courses are Accounting, Business Administration, International Business, and Real Estate, among others. Whether you are looking to get a bachelor’s or a masters’ degree, ASU could help you out. It is also relatively affordable to study here since it is a state university – perfect for those who want to get that degree but working on a tight budget!
  • Dallas Baptist University – Another good option for universities in Texas would be the DPU. It offers good curricula in courses such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and International Business, among others. This university in Dallas, Texas, also offers a wide variety of organizations that just might be very helpful for you in terms of networks and contacts that could be your future clients once you’ve already made it as a stockbroker.

Again, to become a stockbroker in Texas, you got to find a local broker-dealer firm that could help you register with the Texas State Securities Board. Just pass the qualifying exams and you could already get your license to solicit clients! Good luck out there!