TennesseeChoosing to become a stockbroker is a profession that is definitely financially rewarding and worthwhile for a lot of reasons. It is financially rewarding because as you go along in your career, your salary increases depending on the effort that you dedicate to doing your job. The starting salary of a stockbroker is $20,000 a year, but this can reach an amount up to $100,000 a year. Good luck on your endeavour!

Take Qualifying Examinations

As a young and aspiring stockbroker based in Tennessee, you need to get a local broker-dealer firm to see potential in you big enough to make them sponsor you through all the qualifying examinations you have to take.

This is the most basic examination that is required from all aspiring brokers in the US. Talk to your sponsor firm about how you could apply to take this exam.

You need one of these series as an additional requirement. Ask your firm which one they would prefer you to take as a prerequisite for your employment to said firm.

Also, once you get licensed; make sure you are aware of how to renew it and what other requirements you need. Your firm would have all these information, so refer and report to them regularly.

Recommended Colleges in Tennessee

  • DeVry University – The DeVry University in Tennessee can be found in Memphis. You can get your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, MACC degree and MBA degree here. Your educational attainment will greatly help you in your success as a stockbroker. The university offers various business-related courses, such as accounting, administration and management. These courses will make you well-equipped to perform certain tasks simultaneously whenever you are asked to. Therefore I suggest that you study these as much as you can.
  • University of Phoenix – The University of Phoenix in Indiana can be found in three locations, Greenwood, Indianapolis and Merrillville. The university offers students an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, a doctoral degree, a master’s degree, a MACC degree and an MBA degree. The students can choose their desired courses from the university’s wide selection of special courses: accounting, administration, entrepreneurship, hospitality management, human resources management, IT management, marketing and music/entertainment/sports management.

So, with the checklist above, you could be well on your way to becoming a successful stockbroker in the state of Tennessee. Just get a local firm to sponsor you, and then pass the qualifying exams. Once you have your license, your firm should be able to help you settle right in the industry. That’s it; good luck!