Have you ever wondered how stockbrokers became stockbrokers? Well, most people do because Hollywood only portrays the life of successful stockbrokers. But before they got there, it’s pretty much another story of struggle and reality that you have to face as an aspiring stockbroker. And if you want to practice in any of the states, you have to abide by different sets of requirements and qualifications. For instance, in the state of Oklahoma, the following steps are what you need to follow in order to become a successful stockbroker there:

Take Qualifying Examinations

This is the most basic requirement for all aspiring stockbrokers in the United States. However, not everyone is qualified to take the exam – only individuals who have gained the sponsorship of a local broker-dealer firm.

The choice lies in your sponsor firm. Most likely the firm would require you to pass either of those two exams as your employment test. Upon passing it and the Series 7, you will then be licensed to solicit clients in Oklahoma

Having clients is the way you earn in this industry, so as soon as you get your license, you must already start looking for clients.

As a newcomer to the scene, the only way you can compete with years of experience is years of education. You should consider getting your college education from these top rank universities in your area:

Recommended Colleges in Oklahoma

  • The University of Oklahoma – The Michael F. Price College of Business is at the University of Oklahoma, and the college specializes in business-related courses such as entrepreneurship, finance and management information systems. There are relatively fewer universities that offer business-related courses in Oklahoma but rest assured that you will still get the quality education that is due to you once you enrol in this university. The University of Oklahoma will definitely equip you with the right tools that you will need to succeed in the stockbroker industry.
  • Everett Dobson School of Business & Technology – The Everett Dobson School of Business & Technology in Southwestern Oklahoma State University brings you to the pathway that leads to success. The Southwestern Oklahoma State University in itself belongs to the top universities in Oklahoma. No wonder that the Everett Dobson School of Business & Technology is considered as one of the best business schools in Oklahoma and it is definitely not a marketing ploy or a bluff. They offer courses in accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, management and marketing. Aside from that, they also offer technology programs. They offer levels of educational attainment like a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree

Remember that these are the ways to become a stockbroker in Oklahoma: take the Series 7 exam, then take either the Series 63 or the Series 66 exam, get licensed, and start soliciting clients! A college diploma would also come in handy in the industry, so consider getting one!