It is believed that one of the most influential sectors that affect the economy is the stock brokerage industry. This is the reason why there are specific qualifications and requirements for aspiring stockbrokers even if a college diploma is not a prerequisite. It should be noted that different firms and different states have unique requirements, so you really have to zero in on one state so you could focus on getting licensed there. For those who want to specialize in the state of Mississippi, here are some things to keep in mind:

Take Qualifying Examinations

The most basic test you have to pass would be the Series 7 exam, given out by FINRA. This is required for all aspiring stockbrokers in any U.S. State. Alongside the Series 7, either the Series 63 or the Series 66 exam would also be required by the brokerage firm you want to be part of. Passing these tests is a prerequisite to getting licensed as a stockbroker in Mississippi.

Since a there is no university that specializes in teaching how to become a stockbroker, you have to learn while on the job. Familiarize yourself with how the industry works, and settle right in as you serve your first batch of clients.

While a formal education in college is not required, it is a big plus for aspiring stockbrokers. Relevant courses would be Finance, Economics, and Business Administration, among others. For Mississippi residents, here are your top options for universities:

Recommended Colleges in Mississippi

  • Mississippi State University – The Mississippi State University is located at Mississippi State. They offer a bachelor’s degree, a certificate, a doctoral degree, a master’s degree, a MACC degree and an MBA degree. Also, to further equip their students and their future students of the necessary skills and knowledge that are to be used in their careers, they have designed a specialized curriculum that is related to accounting, administration, agribusiness, entrepreneurship, human resources management, international business, marketing and real estate. The Mississippi State University also offers some of their programs online so as to also allow those who cannot come to class in person, a chance to learn.
  • University of Southern Mississippi – The University of Southern Mississippi can be found in the Hattiesburg area. If you are considering the university as one of the schools that you want to enrol to, then you have to know that these are the following levels of educational attainment offered by the institution: a bachelor’s degree, a certificate, a master’s degree, a MACC degree and an MBA degree. They offer courses related to the stockbroker industry such as accounting, administration, entrepreneurship, human resources management, international business, marketing, music/entertainment/sports management and real estate.

Quick recap: to become a successful stockbroker in Mississippi, you first have to pass the qualifying examinations, and then start learning on the job by having your first clients. A college diploma is not required, but it is a huge plus! Good luck on your budding career as a stockbroker!