In order for you to become a legitimate stockbroker, you have to obtain a license. This license that we are talking about will require a set of things that you have to fulfil. You will know of these requirements once you contact the government agency that regulates and manages all the stockbrokers in Massachusetts. Make sure that you are complete with all the requirements.

Take Qualifying Examinations

If you can secure a company that will sponsor you, it will definitely help boost your career. The role of the sponsor company comes in when you are going to take your examinations. You have to make sure that you like the company that will sponsor you, so when looking for a sponsor company you already have to choose the company that you would want to work for. There is a high probability that you will work for this company once you get licensed.

Passing the examinations is very important because these measure your preparedness to become a stockbroker. There will be a set of examinations that you will be required to answer, take note of these once you ask for the requirements from the government agency nearest you.

Doing training is essential to the improvement of your knowledge because you get to put into action the knowledge that you keep inside your head. Training may be seminars, talks, forums, workshops, and on-the-job training offered by various institutions. Grab the opportunity every time it surfaces.

Although they say that graduating from a degree program is not a necessity, you still can’t ignore the fact that graduating from a degree program will increase your capabilities as a stockbroker. Here are some of our top bets for universities in Massachusetts where you could get your college education:

Recommended Colleges in Massachusetts

  • University of Phoenix – The University of Phoenix in Massachusetts can be found in Braintree and in Westborough. You can obtain your associate degree, bachelor’s degree, doctoral degree, master’s degree, MACC degree and MBA degree here. On the other hand, the courses from which you can obtain a degree are accounting, administration, entrepreneurship, hospitality management, human resources management, IT management, marketing, music/entertainment/sports management and public administration.
  • Western New England University – The Western New England University is located in Springfield. You can get a bachelor’s degree, a doctoral degree, a master’s degree, a MACC degree and an MBA degree in this university. They also offer the following courses to students that will definitely help in their future careers: accounting, administration, advertising, entrepreneurship, international business, marketing and music/entertainment/sports management. Some of the programs they offer are online.

To summarize, you need to have a firm sponsor you, pass the examinations, get trained, and consider getting your college degree. Here are the things you need to do in order to become a stockbroker in Massachusetts.