In the United States, many people are starting to take interest in engaging in the stockbroker industry. It is popular to many people because this particular job allows you to earn quite a sum of money, especially if you have been in the industry for a very long time. The salary range for this kind of job is around $20,000 to $100,000 per annum. Your salary increases as you spend more time in the job.

hen you are only a starting stockbroker, you will really have to make do with the usual initial salary that stockbrokers earn. But as you go along and get experience, you can earn up to around $100,000 per annum. Good luck!

Take Qualifying Examinations

All you have to do here is contact the nearest government institution that regulates and manages all the stockbrokers in Connecticut. Once you know where it is, I suggest that you pay them a visit and while you’re at it ask about all the requirements that you have to meet in order to become a legitimate stockbroker. It varies from area to area so you better take note of the details to the minute level. This is very important as it will decide whether or not you can become a stockbroker.

Training is very important for a stockbroker. It helps you develop and hone your skills and capabilities. Training includes attending seminars, taking crash courses, doing on-the-job training, going to workshops, etc. Training can supplement what you already know and can, in turn, make you a better stockbroker. There is always room for learning new things; if you are going into the stockbroker industry then you must give it your best bet.

Many people say that it is not really necessary for an aspiring stockbroker to have a diploma, but some say that having a diploma will definitely help you in the long run. It wouldn’t hurt to get a diploma right? Actually, you will even gain something from it, so why don’t you give it a try? Try checking out these schools:

Recommended Colleges in Connecticut

  • Yale University – Yale is one of the top-ranked universities not just in the state of Connecticut but actually in the whole U.S., and even worldwide. Excellent education is guaranteed here, so if you should ever invest good money to get a degree, Yale would be a top choice as a Yale diploma would surely set you apart from all your competitors when you are already out there. You’d be sure to get priority when getting hired, and you are more likely to attract high-profile clients. Make sure you get a specialization in Finance, Economics, or other course related to brokerage.
  • University of Connecticut – UConn is also a top bet for Connecticut residents. Proximity is a huge plus, of course, and Uconn also has a wide array of courses you could choose from. Social sciences, international affairs, and Law are some of the fields that may help you a lot when you are already in the field of stock brokerage.Now, let us do a quick review: know the requirements that you have to meet; take training and graduate from a degree course. Good luck!