Become a stockbroker in CaliforniaMore and more people are starting to consider becoming a Stockbroker as the profession that they want to pursue. I mean who wouldn’t, right? In a year, you can earn up to $ 20,000 – $ 100,000. Now you might ask why the salary range is quite big, well it is because there are many factors that affect a Stock broker salary.

That salary range just says that the salary from your first day at work may not be your salary throughout your career as a stockbroker. So, let us get you started, shall we? Let us look how to become a Stockbroker in California.

Stockbroker requirements in California

One of the primary things that you have to do is identify the prerequisites that you first have to meet before you become a stockbroker. Your legitimacy as a Stockbroker is not going to be complete without these requirements, therefore I suggest that when you contact the government institution that manages and regulates the Stockbrokers in your area, take note of all the requirements – even to the very minute requirement. Of course, after knowing the requirements you must be able to fulfil everything.

California Stockbroker Training

There is always room for self-improvement. Do not be contented with what you already know. You can grow as a person and hone your skills in the stockbroker industry if you let yourself to. Well, the best way to do this would be to complete training – all kinds of training. Training may include attending seminars, doing on-the-job training, workshops, etc.

Recommended Colleges in California

From what I heard, and true enough from what I have researched, you do not have to be a degree holder to become a stockbroker. Then, why would I put it here in the first place? Well, for the reason that, graduating with a degree related to finance and marketing, economics, accounting, etc, would definitely give you an edge over many other stockbrokers out there. Here are some schools that you might want to consider.

  • Stanford University – Standford University is a top rank school even in international standards. Aspiring students from all over the world apply every year, so as a California resident, of course, you have the advantage since there is a priority for locals. The tuition is relatively high, but the rewards are good! Since SU is a very popular school, you would surely have a more appealing CV in the perspective of future clients.
  • California State Polytechnic University – You can get your Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, MACC Degree and MBA Degree in California State Polytechnic University. They offer a lot of courses from which you can choose from and these courses are: accounting, administration, agribusiness, hospitality management, human resources management, it management, international business, marketing and real estate. The curriculums that they offer to students are of course top-notch and you are sure to learn a lot from them.

So there you have it, to become a Stockbroker in California: fulfil requirements, train and get a good education. Good luck!