An Investment broker salary can be high paying compared to an average stock broker salary, however you much make sure you know exactly what you want from the market and proceed accordingly. It is immensely important to comprehend the trends of the stock markets as you will be able to make the right predictions if you treat the market as your pet. Every falling graph would mean someone losing money and if that someone happens to be your client, then you must make an accurate prediction so that your client’s financial interests stay unhindered. And if that is something you master, then it won’t be long before you walk out of your apartment and drive away in a flashy car, let us look into how much an Investment Broker Salary is.

When to Become an Investment Broker?

It is true that no one gets to the pinnacle before experiencing rock bottom. Thus, before stepping up to a high-paying job, you will have to experience and ascertain your apprenticeship with a few other jobs which might seem boring. But remember, that is exactly the right way to start since you will be able to comprehend how to analyse the market before actually analysing it. This might go on for a while, even a year if need be. But once you leave that place, it will be the right time for you to pursue the big fish.

The salary of an investment broker is said to be directly proportional to their knowledge about the market and their ability to convince their prospective clients. Risk management is an important aspect of an investment broker’s job as they need to know exactly how much vulnerable their client is if the market crashes all of a sudden. Also, getting in touch with an established stockbroker and establishing confidence with them will take you on the right trajectory of a successful stockbroker. Someone who has worked in this field for a long time will not exactly open up at the first time unless you prove to them how capable you are.

General Securities Registered Representative Examination

In order to become a successful investment broker, you will have to pass the General Securities Registered Representatives examination. Also, in order to register yourself as a stockbroker, you will have to appear for Uniform Securities Agents State Law Examination so that you can start earning and deal with financial stocks. But the salary that you will be earning will have its worth only after you have been properly trained for at least two years at the firm that you get associated with. Thus, before taking the exam, you need to consider all your alternatives as this might be the right time for you to switch your stream if you wish to. Lots of aspiring financial service agents change their stream and move towards a specialization before sitting for these exams, so you might want to reconsider one last time before going ahead.

But once you reach that level, your salary will totally be dependent on the commission that you earn from investment banks and firms that deal in stockbroking. The amount of commission that you earn is dependent on your performance. You might earn $250 by the end of a week which can probably double up the next week. Although that might not be enough for you, this is just the first step.

How much does an Investment Broker earn?

If you are looking out for a firm that requires trainees, then it won’t exactly be tough for you. The bright side is that you will be paid through commission, so this increases the chances of earning more rather than having a fixed salary. Keep all the aspects in your mind before proceeding further as if the salary does not suit you and if you are planning to support your family, then the starting salary might not be sufficient enough. But patience is the key here, and you are definitely going to rake a hefty salary if you stick to this path in the long run.

As in case of the company, it works in a different way. A company analyses each and every trainee and decides whether you are capable of standing up to their expectations since they will be shelling out a lot in order to train you so that you can be a valuable addition to their think tank.

In order to get a proper idea of how much you will be earning, you can check out certain vacant positions of investment brokers by the end of your training period and see how much they are offering. Most of the vacancies never reach the open market, so the job, which you are eyeing for is being pursued by many more potential candidates. Thus, do not wait for the firm to release advertisements. Just keep your profile ready and walk in. Emerging firms are always on the lookout for pro-active candidates who can work under pressure and play a pivotal role in the aggressive expansion of the firm.

This is the reason why we specifically mentioned that Investment Broker is a job that is always in high demand and the competition is intense, so one has to be the best in order to earn a lucrative salary. In the US, the starting salary of an investment broker is around $18k which can go above $50k provided that you are good enough. In the UK, the salary starts from £25k, which can go up, to £100k or even more for those who fall in the high flyers category.